Elephants Earrings. 'The Witches of OZ' Collection

Mombi (Bad Witch of the North) has several magical green elephants.

In books, the witch tries to defeat the Scarecrow with magical green elephants. But her attempts are thwarted with the help of Dorothy, Glinda and "Pumpkinhead." On the other hand, it is also said that Mombi ends her life trampled by one of her elephants.

Elephants are a symbol of good luck. They attract long life, wisdom and wealth. They are "THOSE WHO OPEN THE WAYS" and means "OBSTACLE DESTRUCTORS". It is also important that the trunk is bent upwards to receive good auguries.

Elephants made in several layers of golden and pearly green celluloid acetate.
Balls of porcelain mustard colour.
Coupling of brass under pressure.
Size: 5 x 2 cm


Elephants Earrings