Mombi Necklace. 'The Witches of OZ' Collection.

Inspired by the character of the witch Mombi, especially in the movie "Return to Oz" 1985. In the film, she is portrayed as a middle-aged witch, capricious and evil. It has about thirty heads of beautiful maidens who can change in their own torso according to their mood. You can only break the spell of the heads by releasing the true princess Ozma trapped in her enchanted mirror. Thus, the heads would return to their original bodies that were turned into marble statues.

Necklace made in several layers of celluloid acetate. Its composition is formed by three heads fused together, forming a single face. Two side-face heads and one facing you, all three are in different depths to create an optical effect.
The colour of the celluloid acetate is pearly black, white, red and smooth black.
Black sailor cord with gold brass t-shirts.
Length: 55 cm


Mombi Necklace