Green Hands Necklace. 'The Witches of OZ' Collection

Necklace inspired by Elphaba (Bad Witch of the West). This witch is famous for the colour of her skin. In the book of Gregory Maguire, we can get to know the true story of Elphaba Thropp, daughter of a priest and his wife, who was unfaithful to an outsider who made her drink a green drink and the result was a new-born child with the skin as green as a turtle. Elphaba is also very popular for its many spells and magical power.

Necklace made in several layers of celluloid acetate.
Its composition is formed by two hands with gesture of realizing a spell.
Brass Stars and thunders of golden celluloid acetate.
Hands of black celluloid acetate and malachite.
Green and gold chain.
Cotton ribbon with gold brass ends. Tied with bow or knot.
Length: 50 cm tied.


Green Hands Necklace