Glinda Brooch. 'The Witches of OZ' Collection

Brooch inspired by Glinda (Good Witch of the South). In the books, Glinda is depicted as a beautiful young woman, redhead, pale skin and blue eyes. Her dress is pure white filled with stars and sparkles. One of her most famous powers is levitate in the air and generate soap bubbles. Its magic amulet is its inseparable magic wand with a star at its tip.

Double Brooch made of celluloid acetate and brass.
Two clips attached with chain. Ideal for shirt collar or coat lapel.
The first brooch is made with stars in silver and gold coloured celluloid acetate.
The second clasp is made with ivory celluloid acetate hand.
Both joined by a fine white and gold chain of brass.
Climbing around the chain of gold and plated brass.
Size star brooch: 3 x 2 cm
Size hand brooch: 3.5 x 1.5 cm

Glinda Brooch